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Lighting professionals employ a variety of techniques to create beautiful and exciting visual effects that enhance the nighttime environment. There are Illuminator fixtures to accomplish all of these lighting effects. We include one or more of the following icons at the beginning of each section of this catalog to indicate the Illuminator fixtures that can be used to create these lighting effects.


Area Lighting

Placing fixtures in strategic locations above and/or below eye level with overlapping beam spreads illuminates areas without emphasizing or accentuating any particular part of the area.



Architectural and landscape elements become visually dramatic features when illuminated from below. Fixtures may be camouflaged by the use of glare shields and louvers to hide the light source from the main viewing angle.



Lighting from above may illuminate an area for landscape or architectural enhancement or special effects, and for safety or security. May also be used to highlight a smaller area, or a single feature, or to create a sense of perspective


Spot Lighting

Individual features are powerful illuminated from above or below by a strong, narrow- focused beam of light. Some examples of items benefiting from this technique are sculptures, statues, landscape features, architectural details, and flag poles.


Moon Lighting

A soft, natural, diffuse effect similar to natural moonlight created by protecting light downward, with the light passing through leaves and branches to cast shadows on the ground below. This can also be combined with fixtures directing light upward to light the tree from below.


Flood Washing

This technique creates smooth, even illumination of selected objects. Changing the fixture spacing will create different effects. For example, wide fixture spacing creates scalloping on the surface, while close fixture spacing will vary the scallop size or eliminate scalloping altogether to create a smooth, even wash.



This technique accentuates the texture of the surface being illuminated. Simply place the fixture close to the plane of the wall, fence or other feature, and direct the light obliquely across its surface.


Step Lighting

Designed for Safety, step lighting clearly illuminates the step area to insure proper visibility. Illuminator step lights come in a variety of lighting options: fluorescent, incandescent, and tungsten halogen, in both line and low voltage.



A pleasing traditional effect in which the shadow of a tree, water from a fountain, or architectural element is cast against a wall or other surface by strong frontal illumination of the object. The size of the projected image may be controlled by beam pattern or by varying the distance from the light to the object.


Security Lighting

Strategic placement of accent lighting fixtures, combined with low level illumination, provides security lighting without glare for areas of any size. This provides easy of navigation, and increase in safety.



The backlighting of architectural elements, trees, or other objects so they stand out before a wall or other surface. This stunning theatrical effect is created by placing the fixture directly behind and below the object.



The use of imaging projectors designed and listed for indoor/outdoor applications to project images and patterns using standard theatrical-type templates. Used with increasing popularity to create exciting architectural effects, low cost signage, theme parks, and landscape lighting.


Pathway Lighting

Light projected on a walkway from above or alongside the illuminated surface. This can be done for safety and security, as well for safety and security, as well as for aesthetic impact.



The use of submersible fixtures in ponds, fountains and similar environments to create interesting and exciting lighting effects. These can range from spot lighting from beneath the water to soft, glowing area lighting of the subsurface environment.



These fixtures are designed to maximize the benefits of the newest MasterColor" type natural color rendering metal halide lamps, which feature warm color temperature, high lumens per watt, and long life.



Illuminator provides a variety of HID Fixture mounting choices to enable the widest variety of design alternatives, from our standard ground mount to a broad selection of tree, wall, and surface mounts. Each mounting style includes a corrosion-resistant watertight ballast container and ballast. Both core and coil HPF, and electronic ballasts are available, in a variety of configurations.

Ground Mount

This is the base configuration for Coronado series area and accent fixtures. Designed for in-ground installation, the fixture is mounted to the top of a corrosion-free watertight composite ballast container, which can be buried up to approximate~ one inch from the bottom of the lid. Two 3/4" conduit entries are located at the bottom of the ballast container. In-ground installation of these fixtures requires considerations similar to those discussed in the in-ground lighting installation guide on page 40 of this catalog. For choices in this configuration, see Ordering Guide, mounting styles MI3 and ELIVIB.

Wall, Ceiling, or Other Surface Mount

Coronado series fixtures have a variety of options for wall, ceiling, or other surface mounts.

The basic wall/ceiling mount configuration features the fixture mounted directly to the ballast container. This assembly is then secured to the wall or ceiling. Conduit entries are at the back of the ballast container, for direct access to the J-box.

The surface mount style is similar to the wall/ceiling mount configuration. The fixture is mounted directly to the ballast container, but two conduit entries are included at the end of the container. This enables surface mounting where the conduit is run on the surface directly to the ballast container. Once again, the fixture/ballast container assembly is secured to the surface.

It is possible to remote the fixture from the ballast container. In the wall/ceiling remote style, the fixture is mounted to a standard round mounting plate/j-box cover for attachment to a round J-box, while the ballast container is securely attached to the surface. The two conduit entries are located at the end of the ballast container. This option is also suitable for rooftops or similar horizontal mounting surfaces.

Tree Mount

Coronado series fixtures are also available in a variety of popular tree mount styles.

The basic tree mount configuration features the fixture mounted directly to the ballast container. This assembly is strapped to the tree with an adjustable patent pending stainless steel tree strap. This strap expands as the tree grows, and is designed to avoid damage to the tree! Two conduit entries are located at the end of the ballast container.

A second tree mount style features an in-ground remote ballast container, with the fixture mounted in the tree.

The third tree mount configuration places both the fixture and ballast container in the tree. Each is separately affixed to the tree with an adjustable self-expanding stainless steel tree strap (patent pending). This style is for use when the ballast container must be concealed in the tree. Two conduit entries are located at the end of the ballast container.

The final tree mount style is similar to the first tree mount configuration described above. The fixture is mounted directly to the ballast container. The entire assembly is secured directly to the tree with stainless steel screws. This configuration is available only for electronic ballasts.


Incadescent Lamps

These lamps have filaments of tungsten wire heated to incandescence by passing electrical current through the filament. Tungsten halogen lamps are tungsten-fi lament incandescent lamps filled with an inert gas, to which a trace of halogen vapor has been added. Typical~, tungsten halogen lamps have longer life or greater lumen output than standard incandescent lamps. Incandescent lamps are available in both line and low voltage. Incandescent line voltage PAR (Parabolic Aluminized Reflector) lamps are used with Lumi6e line voltage fixtures in the Sanibel and Westwood series. PAR lamps use internal reflectors and different lenses to create a variety of light distribution patterns.

Low Voltage

Low voltage (12 volt) lamps are available in a variety of styles. Reflectored low voltage lamps such as the MR16 are available with beam distributions that range from tightly focused very narrow spots, to extremely wide floods. Non-reflectored low voltage lamps are also available. Low voltage lamps come in a variety of types, including bi-pin, D.C. bayonet base, screw terminal, and others. Recently new varieties of MR16 lamps have been introduced with improved lamp performance and greatly increased lamp life. Typically, low voltage lamps require a transformer to reduce line voltage to low voltage.

High Intensity Discharge

High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps emit light from arcs operating in various gaseous elements. One popular HID lamp type is Metal Halide, which features excellent energy efficiency. It is also the most natural appearing of the HID sources, with new choices available that parallel the color temperature and Color Rendering Index (CRI) of tungsten halogen lamps. These sources, the new MasterColor - type lamps, are ideal for illuminating the landscape and architecture. An important advantage of Metal Halide lamps is their long life ratings, especial~ when compared to standard line voltage incandescent lamps. Metal Halide lamps require a separate ballast to start and regulate the arc. Users must match the ballast to the lamp type and wattage, and to the incoming line voltage.

Compact Fluorescent

Compact fluorescent lamps generate light by using phosphors to transform the invisible ultraviolet radiation produced by the mercury arc into larger wavelengths of visible light. High efficiency and long life characterize these lamps. Compact fluorescents are up to five times as energy efficient as incandescent lamps. Each lamp has a specific ballast requirement, so different lamps are intentionally separated from one another by numerous base/socket configurations. Lamps are also available in a variety of color temperatures, from "cool" to "warm:'

Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Illuminator Wholesaler is happy to provide tips for making your outdoor lighting project a success. We work closely with electricians, apartment owners, home owners and landscapers. Along with providing top quality products and great prices, we are also offer excellent customer service. Part of this service is providing tips and techniques to help you with your lighting projects.

Read more about the placement of area lighting, how to accent architectural elements with uplighting or illuminate a landscape with down lighting. We will show you the benefits of spot lighting for details like flag poles, or softness of moon lighting to cast shadows through trees. Grazing will accent a surface’s textures, whereas silhouetting accents the shape of the object. Security lighting such as pathway lighting, step lighting is important for safety purposes. If you have a pond or pool, underwater lighting is important. We also specialize in HID accent and area lighting and fixtures. Find information about different types of lamps such as compact fluorescent, high intensity discharge, low voltage and incandescent lamps. 

Outdoor landscape lighting is truly an art, and our goal is to help teach our customers the tips and techniques that we have learned. At Illuminator Wholesaler, we not only sell the best landscape lights, but offer tips and suggestions to illuminate the landscape properly.

There are many different techniques to choose from based on your lighting project. Please read through these tips and browse the rest of our website for corresponding outdoor lights. Our goal is to be your one stop shop for all of your lighting needs.

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