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For over 30 years Illuminator Wholesaler has been a leader in home and business lighting. We were one of the first sites to sell outdoor lighting online in the early 2000s, and have been building relationships with customers ever since. Our business model is based around forming relationships with our clients that in many cases have lasted decades. We know lighting inside and out. We work directly with distributors to get you the lowest prices. If you are looking to add lighting to your home or business and need some advice, feel free to contact us.


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When you use The Illuminator Wholesaler Website, you are choosing the best light shopping experience. Here's why.

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Exceptional outdoor lights at affordable, wholesale prices.

We have assisted customers with everything from lighting their backyards with some bollard lights and pathway lights, to assisting large companies with lighting their parking areas with street lights, and parking lot lights. Need to know what light fixtures work best for seaside locations? We have worked with several Carribean resorts in the aftermath of several hurricanes in updating their lighting.
We know which fixtures work best for saltwater areas, and which ones are better for more inland areas. When you do business with Illuminator Wholesaler you are getting a partner who can help you with all of your lighting needs. From one Bollard light to one hundred bollard lights, we work with you to ensure our fixtures will meet your needs. For larger orders, we go directly to the manufacturers to negotiate on your behalf to ensure you are getting the lowest price. Looking to bid on a larger project and need an estimate, we can help
Our decades of knowledge of the lighting industry is what sets us apart from the competition. It is easy to order lighting at our storefront with the click of a few buttons. However, knowing which bollard light, street light, or parking lot light will meet your needs requires far more work. This is where we come in. If you have any questions about our products call, or email us, and we will happily assist you in finding the perfect light. At Illuminator Wholesale we are more than an online store. We are a resource to our customers for all their lighting needs for over 30 years.

Featured Lights

Metal Bollard Lights | Path Way Lights

Bollard lights

Bollard lights are one of the most common, and effective lighting solutions for a wide variety of applications. Bollard lights come in a variety of styles and materials, allowing you to personalize your lighting solution. However, not all solutions are perfect for all areas. For seaside locations, we recommend stainless steel bollards in order to handle the saltwater air. For high traffic areas, cement bollards are perfect for providing security as well as stability. We have bollards that emit light all around them, and bollards configured to provide lighting in one direction to spotlight areas. No matter what type of bollard you need, Illuminator Wholesaler can help..

Parking Lot Lights

Street Lights

Our collection of street lights have been used throughout most of the northern hemisphere. We have street lights illuminating walkways and businesses from Hawaii to the Carribean, and everywhere in between. When you are looking for high-level illumination of a parking lot, business access, or want to make a strong impression outside your home, we can do it. We have several pole heights up to 16 feet, and custom heights are available to meet your needs. When you need a streetlight, Illuminator Wholesaler has you covered.

Street Lights | Lighting

Parking lot lights

A well-lit parking lot invites customers to come in and feel safe. It gives you clientele confidence that your business cares about their safety. At illuminator Wholesaler, we offer a wide variety of parking lot lighting solutions. From bollard lights to street lights, to well lights. We can turn any environment into a well-lit oasis. Whether you are looking to illuminate a whole parking lot or just the area around your business, we can help.

GM 7120  Triple Head Post Light / Parking lot lighting / Street Light

Pole and Post lights

High-Quality poles and post lights add a degree of class and elegance to any environment. Taller than traditional bollards, pole lights offer many of the same perks. Perfect for lighting all manner of areas, from sidewalks to backyards, to private drives. If you are looking to add lighting to an area, then our collection of pole lights has a wide variety of attractive solutions. Available in a wide variety of materials as well as pole heights in order to meet both your aesthetic as well as environmental needs. These fixtures are available both as regular and commercial grade depending on the environment they will be installed. As always if you are unsure of what you need, we can help

LV 314 Stainless Steel Well Light

Well lights

Well lights are the ultimate in low profile discrete lighting. Placed within the ground, or stairways, these lights allow you to easily illuminate an area without blocking sightlines. Well lights can also be used to spotlight business signs, statues, monuments, or other high profile areas. Well lights are often used to create paths, or illuminate business entrance and exits at all hours of the night. If you have questions about if well lights are perfect to you, feel free to contact us. At Illuminator Wholesaler we look forward to working with you for years to come.

Modern Designs.

Illuminator Wholesaler provides the newest technology in lighting, but we always stay true to our core values since our establishment in 1996.

Our Mission

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Illuminator Wholesaler is the top provider for all outdoor lights including commercial and residential. Contractors from all over the world choose us when they need quality lights quick.

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