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Street Lights

LED Street Lights

Illuminator Wholesaler offers street lights available in a variety of different styles and sizes. The street light that best fits your neighborhood is within reach. These stylish street lights primarily see use as in adding beautifying light to a residential neighborhood, parking lots, mansions, estates, manors, or ranches. We welcome you to browse our wide selection of street lights.
For safety and security is is important to have your home, business, or neighborhood well lit. This makes the area more attractive as well as allows you, your customers, or your guests more secure.

When selecting your Street Light your primary choices are going to be style, type of Light, voltage, material, and pole height. We offer a variety of styles and colors to choose from in both single and double head models. In addition we offer various pole heights ranging from 8 to 20 feet to meet your needs. Likewise we offer different voltage selections to meet your electrical requirements.

For material we recommend our powder coated galvanized steel poles. These super durable poles are rated for outdoor wet locations. While heavy, these poles ensure your street lights can survive both harsh weather as well as heavy human traffic. In addition our stainless steel poles are perfect for seaside locations due to their corrosion resistance.

Finally when determining a Street Light you will need to select the type of light. Traditionally the two main light types have been High Pressure Sodium lights which provide a soft amber light and Metal Halide which provided a white light. However in the last several years LED Street Lights have been slowly taking over the market. This is due to their lower maintenance costs, lower electrical costs, and better overall light quality. If you have any questions on which light is right for you we are happy to assist you in selecting the proper light for your needs.

For additional street lights, visit our Commercial Post Lights page.

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